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REV Ritter elastic terminal strip 1.5-2.5 mm² 12-pole

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Terminal strips are used to connect single or multi-core electrical cables.

The 12-pole elastic terminal strip we offer for screwing can be cut into suitable parts (two, three or four poles) as required. When cutting, make sure that the lateral insulation on the terminal block remains unharmed, that means, only the connecting webs are cut.

Before using terminal strips, it is necessary to check in each individual case whether the guidelines applicable to the respective application situation are observed.

  • number of poles per latch: 12
  • terminal cross-section: 4.0 mm²
  • recommended cable cross-section: 1.5 to 2.5 mm²
  • conductor type: flexible, rigid, solid
  • connection voltage: up to 450V∼
  • approved according to VDE
  • length: 94 mm
  • width: 18 mm
  • height: 13 mm
  • color: choice of white or black
  • scope of supply: 1 Riegel Lüsterklemmen a 12 poles in desired color (If you need more than one bolt, simply enter the desired quantity in Quantity.)

The installation of electrical connections, as with lamps, must be carried out by an authorized specialist in accordance with the applicable electrical and installation regulations. Inform before installation mandatory about necessary protective measures as well as safety regulations to be observed.

Things to know:
The terminal size of luster terminals should preferably be selected a cross-section larger than the cable cross-section (for 2.5 mm² cable so at least 4.0 mm² terminal cross-section, etc.)

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